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Solving conflicts in school and classroom

Deep Democracy-Yotu speaks for teachers and schools (2 days + coaching)

with Christiane Leiste

It is not always easy to manage work in teacher´s meetings effectively and satisfactorily. Discussions seem endless, decisions drag on. Dissent and resistance are often not even really tangible. In such situations, the moderation method Yotu speaks offers the possibility to reach sustainable decisions more quickly, including all voices.

The method can be used not only in teams such as teacher staff. It is equally fruitful in parent-teacher meetings because it creates a common level. Instead of polarization and parking lot discussions, constructive decision-making takes place. Our method has also proven itself in class councils at different school levels.

The course consists of two parts: After a two-day basic workshop, a six-month implementation phase with accompanying coaching can be added if required.


Contents and tools

  • Background of Lewis Deep Democracy

  • Conscious and Unconscious in groups

  • The Resistance Line

  • The four Yotu speaks steps for decision making and the metaskills

  • Practicing the four steps

  • Groupdynamics: Role Theory

  • Check In/Check Out

  • Edges and Cycling (Diagnostics), introduction of step 5

  • The Yotu speaks debate and argument

  • Communication Vices

  • Let's Talk I - Finding decisions in a team of two

  • Let's Talk II - Conflict Talk for Two

  • Let's Talk III - the "Golden Arrows" - the appreciative dialogue

Key data

Duration: 2 days + 6 months implementation (with coaching)
Target group:Teachers, management teams, teacher meetings, school committees
Group size: according to arrangement and necessity
Location: Bramsche near Osnabrück
Methods: Theory inputs, practical exercises and discussions, group processes
Next trainings: In-house event, dates on request


CoResolve – YouthSpeaks!

Capacity-Building for facilitating tensions and conflicts in the classroom

Young people often lack the necessary communication skills to deal with their own opinions and other views and to engage in discussions.

One of the basic assumptions of the Lewis Deep Democracy method is that the diversity of people's opinions leads to tension and conflict. The problem, according to Lewis Deep Democracy, is not the difference of opinion itself, but how we try to deal with the resulting tension.

The classroom is one of the few protected places where we can learn to have difficult discussions constructively. CoResolve - Youth Speaks! presents a classroom-compatible version of Lewis Deep Democracy's tools. In the workshop, we will learn practical tools and practice how to productively fight out extremely controversial issues in an argument. When we succeed in a "good" argument, we can experience deep transformation and reconciliation.

The method supports young people, teachers and practitioners to learn about themselves and others in the course of conversations, debates or discussions. It transforms these moments into learning opportunities. But it also empowers children and young people to resolve conflicts on their own. Working with this method will help to foster a culture of participation, dialogue, engagement and mutual respect in the school.

We recommend first the two-day course for interested teachers. Subsequently, two to three in-depth afternoon courses "CoResolve - Youth Speaks!" are imparted to teachers who want to deepen the methods, apply them in the classroom and pass them on to the students.

Contents and tools

Basis: CoResolve's tools for teachers

Tools for the classroom:

  • Check-In, Check-Out

  • Dynamic dialogue on the feet (Soft Shoe Shuffle)

  • Debate

  • „the Argument“

Key data

Duration: 2 days + 2 to 3 afternoons
Target group:Teachers, educators, headmasters, teacher training students, multipliers of non-formal educational work
Group size: depending on necessity and agreement
Methods:Theory inputs, practical exercises and discussions, group processes
Course fee: upon request
Next trainings: as needed

Youth Speaks! Conflict Resolution and Extremism Prevention

(3 days workshop + training over approx. 6 months with Christiane Leiste)


We offer the workshop "Fighting the right way!" in a form that is specifically geared toward preventing extremism. We pay particular attention to the aspect of how extreme opinions arise and how they can be effectively countered. The Lewis Deep Democracy approach offers helpful tools for dealing with extreme opinions.

The three-day workshop is supplemented by accompanying classroom and online training over 5 to 6 months.


Procedure of the training:

  • Getting to know and practicing the methods and theoretical background of Lewis Deep Democracy (3 days)

  • In the following three months: monthly live follow-up (half day) plus monthly online follow-up (1.5-2 hrs.)

  • In the meantime: Application of the tools in groups with young people, written fixation of experiences and reflections, dispatch to the seminar leader.

  • Completion: Participants lead three group processes. Two with "In-Room Supervision", one alone. Afterwards we have a supervision talk.

Key data

Duration:according to individual needs
Target group 1: Teachers, educators, headmasters, teacher training students, multipliers of non-formal educational work
Target group 2: Groups of young people/school classes (12–21 years)
Number of participants: according to arrangement and needs
Methods: Theory inputs, practical exercises and discussions, group processes, supervision, conducting your own group processes

Next trainings: as needed

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