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Argue properly! 

A workshop for dealing with "Hot Topics" (2-3 days)

Polarization in conversations on a political, social and individual level is increasing. This leads to conflicts and tensions that can not only have a negative impact on democratic coexistence, but also carry over into our private lives.

We often lack the necessary communication skills to deal with our own opinions and other views and to engage in discussions. During the workshop "Argue Properly!" you will acquire competencies in the area of conversation and conflict resolution that you can use in your private environment and at work to deal with differences of opinion and to deepen relationships.

One of the basic assumptions of the Deep Democracy method is that the diversity of people leads to differences of opinion and - if we don't deal with them - to conflict. The problem, according to Deep Democracy, is not the difference of opinion itself, but how we try to deal with the resulting tension.

In the workshop, practical tools are taught. We will also practice how to productively fight out extremely controversial topics in an argument. When we succeed in a "good" argument, we can experience deep transformation and reconciliation.

Guiding questions for the workshop

  • How do "hot topics" arise in a group?

  • What influence do such topics have on group dynamics?

  • How can conversations be held about "hot topics"?

  • How can the diversity of a group and different opinions be given space?

  • How can conflicts be resolved?

  • What enables creative and innovative solutions to conflicts?



  • Acquisition of skills for conflict resolution and for strengthening democratic cooperation in groups

  • Understanding the fundamentals and approach of Deep Democracy.

  • Reflection on one's own attitude in conflict situations

  • practical acquaintance and examination with the methods of Deep Democracy

  • Insight into the possible applications of the methods

  • Planning of the application as well as application of the learned methods in the own work and in the private environment


Conflict resolution - learn to argue properly!


Key data

Duration: 2-3 days
Target group: Change agents and people who want to learn to argue constructively and change the world positively
Group size: 8-15 people
Next trainings: In-house event, dates on request

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