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Mindful leadership training with lean-in

Mindful Leadership


One Day Training encompasses the attitude and actions of leaders. Mindfulness, caring and compassion are important foundations for dealing productively with change processes and the resulting tensions in an organization. One Day Training has been proven for many years to be an effective method for dealing with stress and psychological strain. More and more scientific studies indicate that mindfulness and compassion lead to greater resilience and well-being, as well as improving communication behavior and relationship qualities. 


The basic principles of mindfulness_lean-in

In our One Day Training offerings we combine the essence of Mindfulness (attitude), Theory-U and Lewis Deep Democracy/CoResolve (action) into an inner practice path and provide tools for a transformative discussion and effective decision-making culture. 

Learn to use the diversity of perspectives and the resulting lively processes and tensions as a confidence-building and community-strengthening source for development and growth processes, especially in crises.



You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf them.


                              (Jon Kabat Zinn)

Our offers on Mindful Leadership

Mindful Leadership annual training 


The Annual training with Christiane Leiste and Andreas Bertram

Join us for a profound learning and development journey combining content based on the "classical" understanding of mindfulness with new leadership approaches from Lewis Deep Democracy, Theory-U and Gross National Happiness. We will focus on ourselves and then become effective in leadership with a new mindset. In this way, we can change our corporate actions and our educational systems together.

Mindful leadership training 


The Day training (1-3 days) with Christiane Leiste and Andreas Bertram

You will find out exactly what mindfulness means in a leadership context and what you can do in your everyday life without spending a lot of time to cultivate a mindful attitude and mindful actions. In addition, you will get to know and apply the practice-oriented CoResolve approach according to Lewis Deep Democracy, which will open up new opportunities for you to solve conflicts and make decisions together as a team.

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