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Lewis Deep Democracy - Von der Spaltung zur Verbindung

Developed in South Africa, tested all over the world!

Lewis Deep Democracy and CoResolve are facilitation methods developed by psychologists Myrna and Greg Lewis in South Africa after the end of apartheid and now practiced in over 20 countries around the world. They are used to make all voices heard in decision-making, to take minorities seriously, and to integrate the wisdom of the group into the decision and resolve conflicts. By making everyone part of the decision, decisions are also supported and implemented by everyone.


The method is "democratic",

because it emphasizes that every voice matters and decisions are wisest when minority opinions are included and valued.


The method is "deep",

because it brings emotions, values, beliefs and personalities to the surface to enrich and enhance the group process.



Foundations and development of Lewis Deep Democracy and CoResolve.

The Lewis Deep Democracy / CoResolve method is based on the process-oriented psychology of Arnold Mindell.

Myrna and Greg Lewis further developed Mindell's work in the post-apartheid phase. They made Mindell's insights applicable to the corporate and consulting context through manageable tools. The method was first used in 1995 to overcome the strong conflicts in organizations after the end of apartheid.


The development in Germany

Christiane Leiste met Myrna Lewis in 2015 and was impressed and enthusiastic about the effectiveness of the method in dealing with tensions and conflicts in teams. In the years that followed, she trained with Myrna to become a Lewis Deep Democracy and CoResolve trainer and facilitator. Together with Myrna and an international team she developed the method CoResolve-Youth Speaks and became an Elder in the international Lewis Deep Democracy Community. Christiane brought the method to the German speaking countries. Andreas Bertram is one of the first group of leaders in the German-speaking world to be trained as trainers.


Collective leadership through deep democracy 

Uncertainties and imponderables increase tensions and conflicts in teams, organizations or in private environments. The tone becomes sharper, polarizations manifest themselves. Constructive discussion or finding a result seems impossible. In companies and organizations facing change, such conflicts hinder joint progress. They promote frustration, resignation and internal resignation. And they prevent teams from achieving their goals together and cooperatively. Deep Democracy uses the proven and effective methods of Lewis Deep Democracy to productively resolve conflict and tension in teams.


We train you and your "comrades-in-arms" with the tools of this method in order to raise the creative potential of different opinions, to gain new perspectives and to make joint decisions more sustainable.


Deep Democracy strengthens diversity 

Deep Democracy assumes that all positions, emotions and ideas should be heard in a change process. After all, there is a "grain of truth" in every position. If everyone can present their position in a safe framework, the views will flow into opinion-forming and thus decision-making. This opens up completely new paths. The creative potential of a diverse community is harnessed.


Deep Democracy promotes acceptance

In addition to exploiting creative potential, the procedure also increases identification with the decision made. We know from experience that even if decisions are majority decisions, they are not always supported by everyone. Resistance arises. However, if all those involved are heard and included, the collective wisdom is lifted.


Deep Democracy Leads to New Solutions 

Deep Democracy creates a safe space where everything is said and, most importantly, minority opinions are heard. Deep Democracy allows all opinions, perspectives, beliefs and emotions to be put on the table.

Deep Democracy strengthens relationships through radical openness.

Deep Democracy creates space for personal growth.

Through the process of Deep Democracy, a significantly expanded solution space emerges in which new, creative solutions supported by all become visible.







​„It's diversity that broadens our horizons, takes us out of the rut of everyday life, fires our imagination and makes life worth living."

                                                                                                                     (Bahman Nirumand)

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Our offers for Lewis Deep Democracy


Discover in three intensive days new possibilities in dealing with conflicts and in decision-making in the group and learn to apply and accompany them yourself!




Lewis Deep Democracy | Level 3 & 4

The Lewis Deep Democracy Level 3 & 4 workshops, each lasting two to three days, are designed for advanced participants. Here we go deeper below the waterline, learn more conflict resolution tools from Lewis Deep Democracy and train our facilitation skills as well as our "neutrality muscle".

Deep Democracy | CoResolve



In our programs for schools and other educational institutions, you will get to know and apply CoResolve as an effective method of conflict resolution and joint decision-making team - in the college, committees or directly in the classroom with the students.


Arguing the right way! - A workshop on dealing with Hot Topics

In our workshop "The right way to argue" you will acquire skills in the area of conversation and conflict resolution that you can use in your private life and at work to deal with differences of opinion and to deepen relationships.

Wir leben in einer zunehmend disruptiven Welt. Sei es in unserem persönlichen Umfeld oder in der Gesellschaft: persönliche Konflikte nehmen überhand, politische Meinungsverschiedenheiten verlassen die Ebene des vernünftigen Diskurses, Extremismus ist an der Tagesordnung, von den weltweit geführten zerstörerischen Kriegen ganz zu schweigen. Eine Erschütterung folgt der nächsten. Häufig gelingt es nicht mehr, sich über die Konflikte auszutauschen, ohne selbst in heftige Konflikte hineinzugeraten und sich den Polarisierungen und Spannungen zu entziehen. Wir sind teilweise hilflos dem Geschehen der Spaltung ausgeliefert und wissen nicht, in welcher Weise und wo wir uns noch ehrlich austauschen können.

Lewis Deep Democracy bietet solche geschützte Räume, in denen wir uns offen über Konflikte austauschen und zugleich tief auf die Frage eingehen können wie:

  • Was hat dies alles mit mir zu tun?

  • Was kann ich in dieser Situation tun? Wie kann ich angemessen handeln?

  • Wie finden wir Wege der Verbindung in Zeiten der Spaltung?

Workshops CoResolve and Lewis Deep Democracy

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