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We are very happy to announce, that Myrna Lewis will visiting Hamburg in 2024. 














It is a unique opportunity to meet the founder of Lewis Deep Democracy and CoResolve in person. With two events in May 2024, there is an opportunity to work with her and learn from her. 



The German-Jewish-Issue

An Intervention with Myrna Lewis in Hamburg (24th. of May 2024)


Can we actually have a discussion about the German-Jewish Issue?

It is not necessarily easy or natural to talk about Jewish topics in Germany. During the current war between Israel and Hamas, it has become particularly difficult to conduct a public discussion free of judgment, harsh condemnation and polarisation. 


On Friday, 24th of May, Myrna Lewis and Christiane Leiste will facilitate an intervention on the Jewish-German issue with a small group of Jewish and non-Jewish Germans. 


The number of participants is limited to 18 people. 




















Unlock the Art of Navigating Polarities-
Workshop and deep dive with Myrna Lewis in Hamburg (May 25, 2024) in 
Cooperation with IOS

More details and to sign up at  IOS :
Strukturierte Wand

Key data

Duration: 1 day, 10-5 pm
Target group: Jewish people and Non-Jewish German people who want to establish a safe space together and explore the vulnerability of the German-Jewish field between us. 


Group size: 18 people
Location: Birrenkoven-Haus, Birrenkovenallee 13, 22143 Hamburg
Language: English
Course fee: €180,00 (Voluntary contribution towards expenses)

Including break meals in organic quality

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Strukturierte Wand

Lewis Deep Democracy Intensive- Workshop

Lewis Deep Democracy Level 3+4 | 24.- 28th. of June 2024 (5 days)

with Christiane Leiste

In the 5-day Deep Democracy Intensive Course, we deepen and expand our knowledge of Lewis Deep Democracy. The course includes Deep Democracy Levels 3 and 4. This course is designed for advanced training for those who have completed either Level 1 and 2 or a CoResolve course. We now delve deeper beneath the surface and learn more about the tools of Lewis Deep Democracy's fifth step: Amplification, Polarization, and Conflict Resolution.


We practice moderating and holding group processes, maintaining our neutrality even in polarized and intense situations, guiding the group safely through conflicts towards transformation. Additionally, we enhance our own metaskills through a deeper understanding and awareness of ourselves, based on the psychological models underlying Lewis Deep Democracy. We refine and deepen our practice. The program focuses on the experiences within the group.




  • Refreshing and expanding the foundations from CoResolve/Level 1 and 2.

  • "Amplification," Polarization, Role-Mapping.

  • Conflict Resolution: increased ability to "hold" a group even during conflicts and lead processes towards resolution.

  • Neutrality: developing heightened sensitivity regarding one's own neutrality, quickly recognizing when it's lost, and knowing how to regain it.

  • Listening techniques: Reflective Listening.

  • Familiarization with psychological models, including the works of Freud, Bern, Erskin, Jung, and Mindell.

  •  Deeper understanding of one's own psychology and patterns.

  • Deeper understanding and development of metaskills.

  • Rank and privileges as part of the group process and moderation.

  • Practice and deepened experience of moderating group processes and conflict resolution.

  • Access to further practice and supervision.

Strukturierte Wand

Key data

Duration: 5 days
Target group: People who have completed Levels 1, 2 and 3 or CoResolve and Level 3;

Managers, consultants, moderators, as well as change agents and people,

which their understanding
Group size: 8-12 people
Location: Bramsche near Osnabrück
Methods:Theory, practical exercises and discussions
Course fee: €1.950,00€ for private individuals and non-profit sectors, 
€2.300,00 for

companies and entrepreneurs.
Next meetings:

24.-28th. of June 2024 | in Hamburg

Including break meals in organic quality

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