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CoResolve-Leadership-Programm (2-3 days) 

The three-day CoResolve course is a foundational training that teaches and practices the tools and theoretical background of Lewis Deep Democracy and CoResolve. The course is pragmatic and highly experiential with a focus on bringing awareness to both individual behavior and group potential. Upon completion of the course, what is learned can be immediately put into practice.

Knowledge gain: 


  • You will gain a deeper understanding of group processes.

  • You will learn to build trust and psychological safety in teams.

  • You will receive tools to facilitate meetings and conferences in an efficient and inclusive manner.

  • They learn to bring about decisions in which all perspectives are included and for which all team members take responsibility.

  • They learn to appreciate and use the diversity of positions and dissent as a good basis for opinion-forming processes.

  • You will learn to notice and pick up on early signs of resistance and emerging conflicts to reduce and resolve tensions.

  • You will learn how to harness the collective intelligence of a group.

  • You will practice facilitating from different positions: From the facilitator's position, the participant's position and the leadership position.

  • You will practice working through and resolving differences and conflicts in one-on-one and group settings.

  • You will gain new insights into role theory, role understanding and role assignment.

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