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Christiane Leiste - Mindful Leadership & Conflict Transformation

Creating the future - with awareness & relationship skills

We are currently in a civilizational crisis that urgently needs new answers:


     How do we come into good contact with ourselves?

     How do we overcome the spiritual, the social and the ecological divide?

     How do we use the crises as an opportunity for social change?

     What does this mean for entrepreneurial activity, what skills do we need  to train in our education systems?


The answers to these questions are above all one thing: diverse. And this diversity promotes tensions.

What if these crises and the conflicts that accompany them no longer hinder necessary developments, but instead become their driving force? What if people grew personally and the entire organization became a place for social learning?


The challenges of our time require a new awareness and a new collective leadership capacity in order to address them more consciously, strategically and sustainably. 


The central skills for this are mindfulness and compassion, deep listening, the ability to deal with conflict, dealing with one's own emotions and the ability to be effective in building trust. 

Mindful leadership encompasses the attitude and actions of a leader.






Lean-In connects Mindfulness, Theory-U and Lewis Deep Democracy/CoResolve to an inner training path and tools for a transformative culture of discussion and effective decision-making.


Learn to use the diversity of perspectives and the resulting lively processes and tensions as a trust-building and community-strengthening source for development and growth processes, especially in crises.

Lean in GmbH

Beyond right and wrong
there is a place.
We'll meet there.


Next dates Lean-in GmbH
Anker 1
Lean-in experience journey
to Egypt

Start 2024, dates to be announced.

Lewis Deep Democracy - Workshops

25th-27th October 2023 | Level 3

07.-09. December 2023 | Level 4


Lean-in - Workshop Lewis Deep Democracy / CoResolve
CoResolve workshops 

January 22nd - 24th, 2024 

March 13 - 15, 2024

June 17 - 19, 2024

October 21 - 23, 2024(Zurich)
28.-30.  November 2024

Lean-in - Workshop CoResolve dates
More offers

An Intervention - The German-Jewish Thing

May 24th., 2024 | withMyrna Lewis


May 25th., 2024 | with Myrna Lewis

Mindful Leadership annual training

October 30th - November 2nd, 2024 |Module 1

15.-18th of January 2025 |Module 2

09.-12th of April    2025 |Module 3

25.-28th of April    2025 |Module 4

Lewis Deep Democracy - Workshops

24.-25th. of June 2024 | Level 3

26.-28th. of June 2024 | Level 4


Deep Democracy-Intensive :

24.- 28th. of June 2024 |Level 3 & 4


Lean-in - Workshop Lewis Deep Democracy / CoResolve
CoResolve workshops 

17.- 19th. of June 2024 (Wien)

21.- 23th. of October 2024 (Zurich)

28.-30th. of November 2024

Lean-in - Workshop CoResolve dates
Lean-in experience journey
to Egypt

Date will be updated soon

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